About Us

Founded on the banks of the Paraguay river, Concepción was born as a small meat processing plant. With clear vision and steadfast determination for safe, sustainable end-to-end processes, the company has grown into one of the largest meat producers and exporters now serving markets globally.


25 years of history and recent expansion.

1997 – In the city of Concepción, Paraguay, the Company was born as a small slaughterhouse that operates under the name of Nelore Importadora y Exportadora SRL, serving some companies in the region.

1998 – The Company changed its name to Frigorifico Concepción SRL.

1999 – The Company expands its business and starts in the export segment to supply the international market. 

2008 – The Company built the biodiesel production center at the Concepcion facilities.

2010 – Acquisition of an industrial tannery plant to process from 1,000 to 2,000 skins (wet blue) per day. 

2012 – The Company leases its second processing facility in the city of Asunción. 

2013 – Frigorífico Concepción leased an additional processing plant installed in Asunción to increase its capacity and reduce transportation costs.

2014/15 – In 2014 beef casings began to be produced and in 2015 beef casings began to be sold to the European market. 

2017 -Inauguration of the hamburger production unit with a capacity of 1 MT/hour

2018 – The Company expands to Bolivia with with the purchase and expansion of Frigorífico BFC, exporting to more than 60 countries.

2020 – Debut of Frigorífico Concepción as the first Paraguayan non-financial company to issue 144A/Reg. S bonds in the international capital markets, the 10.25% US$100mm of 2025, retapped by USD61mm in 10/2020.

2021 – Issuance of the US$300mm 7.70% of 2028 and call of the US$161mm of 2025. 

2021 – Acquisition of BFC PAR, a company dedicated to agriculture and livestock, and to buying and selling activities.

2021 – Acquisition of Cabaña El Nido, a Company dedicated to the R&D, breedingof hof inhouse genetically advanced pigs.

2021 – An agreement is signed to increase the working capital and expansion of the casing processing plant at ALL PAR CASINGS S.A.

2021 – A contract is signed with INCKA Foods to invest in the construction of a state-ofthe-art pork proccesing plant to be located in Katueté, Paraguay, 350 kms east of Asunción on the border with Brazil.

2021 – Frigorífico Concepción opens its commercial company in the United States with BFC USA LLC.

2021 – Frigorífico Concepción consolidates as a Paraguayan multinational with presence in Brazil with the acquisition of BMG Foods Importación y Exportación Ltda. and Frigorífico Vila Bela Eireli, the opening of BFC USA in the United States and CFC SpA in Chile.

2022 – Frigorífico Concepción announces update to ESG Sustainalytics Year-Over-Year Improvement.

2022 – Frigorífico Concepción successfully places its first series of bonds on the stock exchange of Asuncion S.A.

2022 – The company is recognized as EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR 2022. 

2022 – For the fourth consecutive year, we are TOP OF MIND 2022. 

2022 – INCKA Foods S.A. US$ 40 million investment in the construction of a hog processing plant, forecasted to start-up first half of 2024.

2022 – Opening of the second beef processing plant of Frigorífico BFC S.A. in the city of Cotoca, Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

2023 – ALL PAR CASINGS, the largest state-of-the-art tripe unit in South America, is inaugurated, with an investment of US$ 7 million.